Sunday, March 11, 2012


   Over the past few days, I brought my camera along while running errands with my host family. First, we had some books to return to the library. 
The library is 30 minutes away, in a town called Auxonne. 

This is a public library!

In any other circumstance I would think it weird to take pictures of a library. But this one is gorgeous! Floor to ceiling wooden book shelves full of century old books. 

Decorations that remain from carnaval in Auxonne. 

Another day, we went to Dole. It was a relatively warm day, and a very pretty town. 
My host sister and I got nutella covered gaufres (waffles). 

Kind of like a French version of Venice, Italy.

Me and my host sister :) 

The organ at the Church of Notre Dame in Dole.
We had gone to get groceries. Helping to put them away, I opened the freezer to find this creature. 
What would your reaction be if you opened your freezer to find this rabbit?
Mine was, "gotta get my camera!"

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  1. j'adore le nouveau aspect de ton blog!