Sunday, December 18, 2011

La fête des lumières

   One of the things I did this month that could simply not be cut down into the update post was the fête des lumières in Lyon. No, that event calls for it’s own post, one full of pictures!
   The actual festivities lasted for four nights, but my host family drove there and back in one night bringing along Natalia, an AFSer from Columbia.
   My host sister, host dad, Natalia and I got to Lyon mid-afternoon and kept ourselves busy, between a robot museum and wandering the streets of Lyon, until dusk.
   Once night fell we met up with my other host sister who has an apartment in the city and my host mom who was there for a class she’s taking.
   We watched the first show from a bridge and marveled at the lights reflected by the Rhone River below. After that we moved in one big wave with what seemed like the rest of the world from one show to the next for four hours; watching as horses were projected onto historic buildings and lights illuminated beautiful churches.           When our feet couldn’t take another step we sat down and ate a delicious meal at an Indian restaurant. 
Now, since that little summary did not do the evening justice, voila quelques photos! (here are some pictures)


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