Sunday, November 27, 2011

Une Soirée Chez Moi

   I talk a lot about things that I do with AFS on this blog, but not enough about the friends I've made here in France! Because, although I love everyone that I've met here on the program and appreciate having them to talk to as they endure the same challenges; my French friends are the ones that really make me feel at ease here. It is really an amazing feeling to laugh and have fun with friends, in French! It's like laughing + being proud of myself all in one! 
   School is a lot of fun because I have them to talk to, eat lunch with and study with. And seeing them outside of school is even better. It makes me feel like I've really managed to integrate myself and be included, which is a great feeling especially since people sometimes lose some of their personality when speaking a foreign language since you can't always express and say everything you would like to. 
   This weekend I had three friends from my class sleepover. They arrived, cookies in hand, in the late afternoon. I introduced them to my host family and host pets and then we talked in my room until dinner time. They had brought french candy, coconut cookies and chocolate chip cookies! It was hard to save room for the lasagna my host dad made for us! After my host family had eaten, we went downstairs and ate dinner and the chocolate cake I had made earlier in the day for the occasion. We stayed up late talking and I showed them pictures of my American friends at homecoming and school that they had posted on facebook. My friend's reaction was always "just like in the movies". We took some pictures ourselves that I'll put at the bottom of this post! 
   The next morning, one of the three had to leave early because she works at the boulangerie in town so I took a walk with the other two and waited with them at the bus station until their bus came to take them back up the mountain.

*Some of these were taken in the morning so excuse tired faces and messy hair! (:


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